Artist Programme

6 months will transform your art-making

learn artistic mindset tools to take on every challenge

Professional advice for your personal art path

ACCELERANT is a six-month premium mentoring programme working 1:1 with Gail Sibley on YOUR art path and creating a plan to ensure it is fullfilling, energizing, and filled with passion and success.

Enrolment in ACCELERANT is limited, and sometimes requires a waitlist. Book in a call to find out exactly what it's about, and how it can help you.

Hi, I'm Gail. Professional Artist and the founder of the Gail Sibley Art School. I decided to offer a 1:1 ACCELERANT programme because so many fellow artists I run into at events like IAPS, Pastel Live, or on my in-person workshops often ask me: "What advice do you have for me and my art path?" Well, there are a lot of things I wish I knew a LOT sooner than I did. That's why I created ACCELERANT - to help fellow artists who want 1:1 coaching to create success on their personal art path!

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